Tomorrow Brought Us Rain

Once upon a time, there were no clocks. There was a time of youth and a time of old age. A time for disease and desire, celebration and Spring. But as the demands for productivity and growth boomed, pragmatics synchronised time. Clocks arrived and disciplined us. No longer a subjective experience, time soon warped into a commodity to be bartered with.


Until now. An engineer is embarking on a quest to invent a new clock. An ultimate clock that will bring regimented thinking to a screeching halt. Time, like the tiger that eats us and the tiger we are, could remain an ever-evaporating bliss.


Tomorrow Brought Us Rain is a collaboration between Pieter De Buysser and Mattias De Craene. Bringing together a fable and an original soundtrack, join them for an anti-imperialistic, counter-clockwise musical story-cum-theatrical concert.

Upcoming dates

20 February 2020 (Première)

Vooruit, Ghent (BE)


Text, direction and performance Pieter De Buysser Composition and performance Mattias De Craene Scenography Herman Sorgeloos Image Sam Metcalfe Production ROBIN Co-production UGent, Ghent (BE); Vooruit, Ghent (BE)

Thanks to Kaaitheater, Brussels (BE); Archa Theatre, Prague (CZ) Support from de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, VGC