“We have been asking the wrong question for too long. Where Kepler and co try to map the world, we need another kind of map. Apologies for my speech defect, you know very well which infinity has pierced my tongue.



But I have my accessory with me: this, ladies and gentlemen, is my machina caelestis. An instrument created in collaboration with engineers, scientists, designers, and artists. It was constructed using well-known techniques, except these were applied in another manner. It did not delete or exclude existing knowledge, did not engage those old-fashioned tabula rasa practices; existing knowledge is included, integrated into a larger whole. Nothing is deleted. With this, ladies and gentlemen, I’m now going to make contact with Raymond and Grace, who at this moment are to be found on the tip of my tongue. You remember that they told me I should bear witness to their mission. Well, for you, ladies and gentlemen, courtesy of the Planetarium, OCAD, the Security Service, the Centre for Nuclear Control, Frontex, Europol, and the Illegal Immigration Service, I’m going to make a connection straightaway. Raymond, Grace, we are ready. No more fumbling around with revolutions in the streets and squares. As Einstein said: “An idea cannot be really good if its implementation does not seem totally impossible at first. Or, as an old European once said: “Every great historical event began as a utopia and ended as a reality.” And so we are going to make live contact with Raymond and Grace. It’s a question of taking a moment to adjust the gamma rays to achieve the right proportion of neutrinos and cosmic background radiation. It’ll be fine. They are on the tip of my tongue. The multiverse is in everything and everything is in the multiverse; thus, the tip of my tongue is in the multiverse, but the entire multiverse is also in the tip of my tongue. That has significant consequences. Hence this fundamental cosmological speech exercise. Yes, just say hello, it’s up to you two... No one promised that this would be easy. To take distance from the old ways of thinking, to seek access to a new depiction of the world. In earlier times, when they spoke of a historic paradigm shift: the worldview tilts. But there can be no more talk of it, even today. Because here and now, the old-fashioned worldview is pulverised.







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