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Memento Park

In 1917, Michelin published an illustrated guide to the battlefields of the Marne region. It didn’t take long before the first tourists started travelling through the area in the midst of ongoing warfare.


A hundred years later, no trouble or expense is being spared during the centenary of the “Great War”. And yet, ‘the war to end all wars’ did not keep its promise. As we hop from one armistice to the next Armageddon, how are we commemorating – and why?

Using quotations from politicians, marketeers and re-enactors, Memento Park exposes the mechanisms behind the centenary. What is the relationship between commemoration, politics, tourism and big business?




6th February 2015, KVS, Brussels


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director Thomas Bellinck actors Marjan De Schutter, Joris Hessels, Robin Keyaert, Karlijn Sileghem, Jeroen Van der Ven, Mark Verstraete set design Stef Stessel costumes An Breugelmans, Heidi Ehrhart dramaturgy Sébastien Hendrickx lighting Dimitri Stuyven sound Donald Berlanger stage master Jean Schols technician Jimmy De Boelpaep set Jan Beeck, Patrick Nys, Danny Vandeput props Willy Van Barel surtitling Inge Floré translation Anne Vanderschueren, Gregory Ball production KVS & Steigeisen copresentation KVS & Théâtre National

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