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A nocturnal pilgrimage to an out-of-bounds football court.  Synchronised breathing, ritual dances, obscure football history, acclamations, refrains and Cruyffian* technique.   

Flirting with a scary boundary between fiction and reality, Klapping is a new urban movement form founded by Feras the Shield and Maestro Ahil.  They initiate the audience into this strange, but familiar, new form;  Starting with its history, moving through foundations and fashion codes and arriving at the euphoria of a battle, over the course of the evening the audience is initiated, beginning their transformation towards football deity.  By bathing/immersing in football paraphernalia and reveling in the energy of the court, Feras the Shield and Maestro Ahil guide the audience through this search for profound spiritual significance in the idiosyncratic codes and rituals of football. 

*Cruyffian refers to concepts developed by the late, Dutch, footballer, Johan Cruyff. 


6 October 2018

Nuit Blanche, Brussels (BE)


Past dates

17 October 2017, MAF WIP COOP,

Antwerp BE work-in-progress (BE)

2 October 2018 (tryout)

Ontmoetingscentrum Luchtbal, Antwerp (BE)

30 March 2019

Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney (AU)

5-6 September 2019

Homo Novus Festival, Riga (LV)

7 September 2019

Dansart Festival, Kortrijk (BE)

15-17 May 2020, Zürich Tanzt, (CH) (postponed)

September 2020 (season-long)

Kaaitheater, Brussels (B)

13-14 February 2021

New Annual Festival, Newcastle (AU)

7 - 9 May 2021

Zürich Tanzt (CH)

17 September 2021

Dansstorm, Kortrijk (BE)

24 September 2021

Kaaitheater, Brussels (BE)

26 September 2021

Storm op Komst, Turnhout (BE)


Performer/Devisors Ahilan Ratnamohan, Feras Shaheen Costume Design-Outside Eye Anne-Catherine Kunz First Development Dramaturgy Kristof Persyn Coproduction Campbelltown Arts Centre commission, Nuit Blanche, A Cultured Left Foot With support from MAF WIP COOP, Monty & Ontmoetingscentrum Luchtbal and ArtsNSW. 

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